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Disney prints going on sale

Hello all! There has been an exceptional demand for prints of my Disney work, so I will be putting them on Etsy. I have been taking time talking to printing companies to ensure that I can have my designs printed and sent off to people without any huge delays, so understandably I have been waiting until I can be sure to offer a smooth service for customers before going ahead and putting them up for sale. For now, here is my Etsy page:

There is nothing on there at the moment for the reasons I just mentioned! But if you are interested in purchasing any of the designs please add me to your ‘favourites’ on Etsy or PM me, it will give me some indication of how many prints I will need to make!

Thank you very much for all your ‘likes’, re-posts and general support of my work!


bactpack asked: Are your Disney prints for sale?

Hello, I am in the process of setting up an Etsy account to sell a selection of my designs as prints, including all of the Disney designs. I’ll be posting a link on here but will also send you a private message to notify you if you wish. Thanks for your interest!