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Part of the advertising campaign for Manchester’s The Royal Exchange Theatre Christmas production. Written especially by Carol Ann Duffy, It was a real honour to be chosen!

Book Cover Designs

A cover design for the book ‘American Psycho’, featuring images of the Statue of Liberty arranged to portray Lady Liberty as a knife wielding murderer.

The hand of Gulliver is intertwined with the hand of a Liliputian for a simple yet effective design.

The silhouette of a couple embracing during intercourse is set at the foreground of a landscape photo of the New York City skyline, set at 90 degrees so that the Empire State Building mimics the male phallus.

The two cities that form the basis of the book are represented simply by potentially their most famous landmarks.

A cover for the classic childrens novel, incorporating symbolic elements of the book into a rustic design.

A design for ‘Birdsong’ incorporating the image of a grenade with a birdcage.

A cover for ‘Hamlet’, the Joker card doubling as a gravestone to symbolise the deceased jester Yorick, featured in one of the plays most famous scenes.

War and Peace.

In a similar style to my ‘Birdsong’ cover, I have again attempted to convey the theme of the book using simple yet stylish imagery.

Album Promo

An album cover design for singer/songwriter Chris O’Gorman.

Business card for the artist. To increase the likelihood of the recipient retaining the card I gave it ‘guitar strings’, which also emphasise the fact that the artist is an instrumentalist as well as a singer/songwriter.

Homepage design for Chris O’Gorman.

Remix album cover

Alternative CD cover that the artist chose not to use.

Juice Bar Promo

Logo design for a new independent juice bar. 

Homepage design for ‘Mojoes’ juice bar.

Webpage for ‘Mojoes’ juice bar.

Mojoes poster

Terrence Higgins Trust Promo

A poster design, emphasising the confidentiality of THT’s service, as many gay men are uneasy when talking about the issues that THT aims to resolve.

A ‘business card’ design, avoiding wordiness by including only the most important information, therefore getting THT’s message across simply and effectively


Club flyers and promotional CD covers for a bar in Leeds.

Album cover designs for an up-and-coming artist.

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